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RC Engravables also serves its customers with quick tennis racquet restringing so you can get back in the game!  An assortment of quality Gamma brand tennis strings, grips and shock absorbers in stock at all times.

PRODUCT:  Tennis Strings PRICE
Synthetic Gut 16 $20.95
Synthetic Gut w/ Wear Guard 16 or 17 $21.95
Spin w/ Wear Guard 15L $24.95
TNT Fusion 16 & 19 $28.95
Infinity or TNT Fusion $28.95
TNT 16, 17 & 18 $29.95
Poly or Poly Blend $29.95
Live Wire 16 & 17 $29.95

*** Due to the complexity of the stringing, there will be a $5 surcharge added to all Eforce racquets with the strings going through the handle

Tennis Racquet Grips

PRODUCT: Tennis grips PRICE
Replacement Grips $12.00
Shockbuster II $7.00
Shockbuster $5.00
Red Eye $4.00
Head Guard Tape $5.00
Lead Tape $5.00
Rosin Bag $5.00
Overwraps (3 pack) $5.00


To require more information on all tennis restringing, tennis racquet sales and other products and services, please contact us.

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